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Would you like to understand Dutch culture and Language? You’ve come to the right place at Una Paloma Blanca! Una Paloma Blanca is the place where learning a language is suited to everyone. The possibilities are endless and it doesn’t matter if you just want to learn the basics or want to become the next expert in the Dutch language. Our courses are divided in such a way that growing into the language can be fun, fast, and efficient. So, if you are planning on a trip to the Netherlands and want to be able to speak like a real Dutchie, sign up for one of our Dutch courses and our native-speaking teachers will make sure your Dutch language skills grow in no time at all.
Leer más! Our teachers are always here for you, to guide and help you during the Dutch course. We think personal attention is one of the most important things while you learn a language. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, regardless of whether you decide to take group lessons, lessons in a pair, or private lessons. That is why our groups never consist of more than eight people. We practice communication skills in Dutch based on the subjects you are interested in. Of course, learning comes first, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun while doing it. Our Dutch courses aren’t just made up of the exercises from a book, but of interactive games and role-plays as well.
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6 steps

How the UPB experience works

1. Investigue

Visite nuestro sitio web para ver todos los cursos que ofrecemos y encuentre uno que se adapte a su nivel, propósitos y necesidades.

2. Infórmate

Informe a nuestro equipo de administración sobre su nivel actual, qué curso le interesa y las dudas que tiene. Con gusto te ayudaran a obtener toda la información que necesite.

3. Inscríbete

Después de haber aceptado nuestra propuesta, te inscribiremos al curso de idioma que has escogió. ¡Ahora estás inscrito oficialmente!

4. ¡unirte!

¡En las clases divertidas, interactivas y creativas, nuestros profesores experimentados llevarán tus competencias lingüistas al siguiente nivel!

5. Completa

¡Wuw! Llegaste al final de tu curso. ¡Felicidades! Después de haber completado tu curso en Una Paloma Blanca, con orgullo te entregaremos tu certificación de Participación.

6. ¡Continuación!

¿No quieres parar? ¿Quieres que tus competencias lingüísticas se mejoran aún más? Espectacular. Una Paloma Blanca está más que feliz de ayudarte con la continuación de tus estudios.

AI / A2

As a beginner, you’ll start on levels A1 or A2. During the lessons, you will learn the basics of Dutch. We focus on the practical elements of the language, so you can improve in a fun, fast, and efficient way. We begin with the basics to make sure that, after 12 weeks, you can understand and speak basic Dutch. In this way, things like introducing yourself, reading a menu, or asking for directions won’t be a problem anymore.

BI / B2

The next stage that Una Paloma Blanca offers is Intermediate. It consists of levels B1 and B2 Dutch. These courses are meant for people who would like to learn how to maintain a basic conversation in Dutch. Together we take a deeper look into the grammar and amplify your vocabulary. Your Dutch language skills will improve by practicing using different speaking exercises, various role plays, and fun games, which will allow you to start a conversation with Dutch speakers.

CI / C2

Do you want to master the Dutch language? No problem! As an expert, we’ll teach you how to speak Dutch in such a way that even the locals won’t notice the difference. In the expert program, we offer you levels C1 and C2. These courses are ideal to refresh your current language skills. In this course, we dig deeper into the grammar and you learn how to speak and write in formal Dutch , so when you are doing business in the Netherlands, it will be in a professional, clear and concise way.


Mascot Well done


"After following the Business English Program at the language school, I noticed my confidence with the language increased quite a lot"

Ya tenía un alto nivel de inglés antes de empezar las clases con los profesores de Una Paloma Blanca, pero después de haber seguido el programa de Inglés Comercial en la escuela noté que mi autoestima en el idioma creció un montón. Sobre todo, con discursos y presentaciones de equipo. ¡Gracias a todos por su gran ayuda!

"I liked most that the team of teachers immediately understood my needs and they focused on my preferences helping me achieving my goals in no time."

Como yo trabajo en un departamento donde las habilidades en inglés son muy importantes para la comunicación con los clientes decidí hacer un curso privado intensivo de inglés, así he llevado mi conocimiento y escritura en inglés a nivel C1. Me encantó que desde el principio, el equipo de profesores supo entender mis objetivos y se enfocaron en mis preferencias para alcanzar mis objetivos sin desperdiciar tiempo.