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Our teachers


Ola! My name is Rafael, I am from Portugal and I teach European and Brazilian Portuguese. Music and the Portuguese language are my biggest passions, when combined it blossoms beauty! I am based in Rotterdam and I would gladly help you with your journey of learning this beautiful language.


Hallo! My name is Corinne and i am from beautiful Switzerland. I have been teaching German for foreigners in my homecountry. I really loved it, so i am super happy that i got the opportunity to do it here in Eindhoven aswell. I love to be in touch with people from all over the world and help them improving their skills to be able to speak another language. I am open to adjust my lessons according to your wishes so that you enjoy them as much as i do and that i can prove you that German can be a lot of fun aswell! Hope to see you soon at Una Paloma Blanca.


Goeeeeedemiddag! My name is Niels and I am primarily a Dutch teacher at Una Paloma Blanca. Primarily, because I also teach French in a highschool close to Rotterdam. I really love languages and teaching them, that's why I love working here! Verder, I love cooking, coffee and investigating amazing wines! Nederlands is mijn passie, and I believe also yours. Kom je bij mij leren?


I’m Ilaria and I am Italian. Before I moved to Rotterdam I lived in a very small city in the center of Italy where I worked as a teacher in a primary school. I love teaching adults and also teaching children. If you are curious about my language and my culture, I would love to meet you at Una Paloma Blanca and share with you the little secrets of Italy and Italian language!


Hi! My name is Ricardo. I am from Portugal and I am currently teaching traditional Portuguese at Una Paloma Blanca. I love languages and I am fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. If you want to add Portuguese to your list of languages, come by my classroom. Até breve!


Mijn naam is Antonio Gutierrez en ik ben leraar bij UNA PALOMA BLANCA. Ik kom uit Alicante en woon sinds een jaar of 4 in Nederland. In de afgelopen jaren heb ik in Rotterdam veel mensen blij gemaakt door hen Spaans te leren en het lijkt me geweldig dit vanaf deze zomer ook in Eindhoven te kunnen doen! Er zijn veel redenen om talen te leren: Je gaat op reis, je gebruikt het voor je werk, je partner spreekt een andere taal of je vindt het gewoon leuk om aan andere taal te leren. Door mijn kennis van buitenlandse talen met je te delen hoop ik dat een nieuwe taal op een leuke en effici�nte manier onderdeel wordt van jouw curriculum. Onze methodiek is er op gericht om een nieuwe taal op een energieke en eenvoudige manier te leren begrijpen, vandaar dat de leermethode gebaseerd is op het leren van een taal door middel van speelse activiteiten en leuke gesprekken aan de hand van het boek en de actualiteit. Ik hoop je te zien bij UNA PALOMA BLANCA! :)


Hola! Mi nombre es Natalia. Next to teaching Spanish I am a multidisciplinary designer working in interior and graphic design. It’s those creative skills that come in handy when teaching. I create my own courses and customize games to make my Spanish classes as fun as possible. ¡Nos vemos en Una Paloma Blanca!


Ciao cari! My name is Giuliano and I come from Milano! I am curious and fascinating from other cultures, therefore in 2013, I have accepted a work proposal which has brought me here, in the Netherlands. Being passionate over my 'Bella Italia' and being by nature a social person, I have decided to become an Italian teacher who indeed teaches the language,but also the Italian culture! Vi aspetto tutti ad Una Paloma Blanca!


My name is Beatriz Garcïa de la Sen and I come from Madrid. I am a Clinical Psychologist and Teacher. Throughout my professional life I have been lucky to work with students of different ages and from all of them I have taken great lessons. But the best of them has been that to learn something new you have to be motivated, interested and in the learning process you need to have good fun. I have worked both in Spain and in Ireland in language teaching and in the last years of my career in Spain I have been taking English coordination of the different stages, Primary and Secondary. I love the idea of being part of the project "Una Paloma Blanca" as together we will approach the world of languages in a playful, experiential, respectful and close way. I am convinced that if you embark on this adventure you will not regret it and you will take with you a big bag of


Hi there, my name is Lusine, and I teach General and Business English at Una Paloma Blanca language school. Additionally, I help my students prepare for the IELTS, TOEFL, FCE and other exams and can teach you how to master the art of writing English essays. I am fluent in three languages: English, Russian and Armenian, and I'm on my way to acquiring the fourth - the Dutch language :-). Having studied linguistics and intercultural communication, I understand language structure, so I know the easiest and most straightforward way to explain it to my students, thus helping them communicate in a foreign language. To make my lessons interactive and engaging, I use a lot of audio and video materials. Apart from teaching English for over six years now, I am keen on photography, psychology and healthy living. See you online or in the classroom!

Ana Paula

Ola! My name is Ana Paula and I am here to help you with Portuguese lessons, if you are interested in learning the Brazilian version of the language. I was born in Brazil and I love to add elements of the country's culture to the classes. I like to plan the dynamic of the lessons with the students and individually plan the focus and the main goals for our time together. Curious about Brazil? Don't hesitate to contact me about it!


My name is Chloe, I'm French, and I just arrived in Eindhoven where I'm teaching French. I studied French language and literature for years at university, I love literature, art, music, and movies, and my favorite thing is to share my passions with others and what best way to do it than being a teacher? I really like interacting with other cultures: I lived in Germany for a while, then worked for the Swedish Institute in Paris, and that's what I'm still doing here in Una Paloma Blanca. When I'm not busy trying to make French conjugations understandable or revealing the secrets of our famous accent, I'm listening to music, going to gigs, and writing about it for rock and metal publications. French is a beautiful language and French culture is full of interesting things; I'm looking forward to share it with you!


Hoi! Mijn naam is Julia and I teach Dutch at Una Paloma Blanca. I love to analyse the complexities (and sometimes, the illogical components) of the Dutch language together with my students while having fun together. However, I never allow one lesson to go by without making my students feel confident in their learning process.


Hello! I am Sonia and I come from a small town in the North of Russia. Despite that, I've managed to master my English and am hoping to help you to do just that! I am an avid film-watcher, book-reader and plant-waterer. To make the students' experiences at Una Paloma Blanca as productive and fun as possible, I always prepare fully personalized lessons. Hope to see you in the class soon :)


Hi there! Having grown up in South Africa, a deep sense of adventure has been instilled in me from a very early age. I'm fascinated by different cultures, and love reading about philosophy, history, art and technology. My background is in mining engineering and water management, and after having worked in the water sector for a couple of years in various countries, I made the decision to pursue a career as a language teacher and I love the creative approach to teaching here at Una Paloma Blanca! As a Dutch and English teacher I not only strive to find the most fun and effective teaching methods based on your individual needs, but also try to turn the act of learning a new language into a true adventure! Besides teaching languages, I have a strong passion for art and most of my free time is spent in my art studio here in Rotterdam, from where I make large oil and acrylic paintings. I'm very much looking forward to starting a fresh language adventure with you and I hope to see you in class soon! Greetings, Vincent


I'm Mina, a German who likes to live anywhere but Germany. In order to be a great teacher you need to be a great student first. That's why I have spend the best years of my life studying French, English, Mandarin and Dutch. If you want to conquer German grammar, English pronunciation or Chinese characters with me, start your classes now!


Hi, I�m Carlo van den Boomen and I would gladly teach you the beautiful Dutch language. Speaking the local language is very practical. It makes it easier to do groceries, to find a job, or to make new friends. Language is also an important part of art and culture, symbolized by for instance poetry, lyrics, sayings and slang. Through Dutch you will get to know the Netherlands and its people, and you may even find that you will start to understand what makes us so weird at times :-). I�m passionate about language and culture and I have followed many language courses myself over the years. I love to travel, and have lived several years abroad in different cities and countries. Actually, I have only recently moved to Eindhoven. That�s why I speak, though with different degrees of fluency, English, French, Spanish, Polish and German as a second language. Dutch is fun (and actually not really that difficult!). So I hope to see you soon!


Hello! My name is Conor and I'm from a small town in Northern England. As well as teaching English, I'm the centre manager for Rotterdam! I love playing music, exploring new places and meeting new people. I create my own fun, interactive and effective courses, designed to help you learn English quickly and efficiently. See you in class!


Hi! My name is Kim. I am a dutch teacher at Una Paloma Blanca. I like to work at UPB because I am creative. I like to think of games to keep the classes fun and still useful. So, do you want to join learning and laughing? Then I hope to see you soon!


Halloo everyone. I’m Sara from a small village in the middle of Germany. After leaving that place, I went to Accra (Ghana) and the finally ended up in Rotterdam. Here, I teach German at the UPB language school. I like a lot to learn about people and their cultures, so I hope that I can share a bit of that too. So, let me know if you have any more questions and I happy to meet anyone at UPB.